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About Us


- Vocals and Percussion -
By the time Patrick first saw the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show he had already worn out the the lone snare drum and cymbal his folks bought for him. That's when he shifted from Elvis and Jerry Lee to full on Rock & Roll. In high school he played with a rock band called BLACK SHIP. He dreamed of playing with the likes of Led Zep, Rolling Stones, CCR, Clapton, and The Who, but the sea and a new family with 3 lovely girls kept him from joining those bands and running away from home. Finally, he got with Jerry and Jack and helped form Bootleg. He still sings, wails and beats on things with all the gusto he's had from the start, and he may not jump as high as he used to, but he still makes it on and off the stage without the aid of of his bandmates!


- Drums and Bitchin' -
At 6 years old, Jerry learned to play the drums just by ear. Somewhere between absorbing styles from the mid 60's to now, he discovered the band Little Feat, and to this day is inspired by their drummer Richie Hayward. "I'm a fool for that rockin', rollin', rhythm and blusin' foot stompin', shuffling music." After playing in the Long Island music scene for many years he moved to South Florida and connected with guitar player Jack Kardys in 1990. Rock bands Uncle Buck and Rumblefish were rocking and rolling the music scene until 1999, and after a brief hiatus, he reunited with Jack and formed Bootleg. 


Jack K.
- Guitars and Vocals -
Born and raised in Miami, Jack cut his teeth on an old Gibson Marauder through a Fender Twin, playing the Dicky Betts leads behind his buddy Perry's slide guitar on old Allman Brothers Classics. In the mid 80's, he moved from Les Paul's to Strats and never looked back, developing a clean fat chunk through Mesa Boogie's and Vox amps. In 1990, Jack found Jerry in a Rag Magazine ad and together they have built 3 bands --Uncle Buck, Rumblefish and Bootleg-- and continue to rock the South Florida music scene. Jack sets the pace and maintains Bootleg's discipline as one of the areas most prolific rock and roll bands!


Jack W.
- Bass and Vocals -

Bio coming soon!

- Vocals and Percussion-
Hailing originally from L.A., Bootleg's newest featured vocalist is Maria Doty, who splits time with her and husband Chuck's band, The Double Standard. Maria has performed in bands throughout the South Florida area for more than 30 years, most notably with Jerry and Jack in Rumblefish during the 90's.  Her vocal range is superb and her contribution to Bootleg's harmonies complement the guitar harmonies Jack and Karl provide.  From Janis Joplin and Led Zeppelin covers to Adele, Melissa Ethridge and Alanis Morrisette,  Maria adds a new dimension to Bootleg's vast and popular classic rock repertoire!


- Guitars -

Guitarist Dave Rubinstein has been involved in the South Florida music scene for many years, playing and touring in numerous cover and original bands. He has done extensive session work for various artists including music industry luminaries such as drummer Jerry Marotta and recording artist Eddie Cornelius, with whom he recorded three albums. Dave is also a songwriter and has released his own albums as well as albums with other original bands.

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